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Why Us


Fist Bump Chef is a family operation from Florida, USA who spends lots of time cooking.  We are both engineers and put together our background to over analyze the kitchen gadgets we actually love and use regularly and designs and sources products that will improve your life experience around your home. 


We carefully test each product so you can be confident with the quality and durability of our products.

Our mission is to free up your time to spend with your loved ones with products and tools that simplify life.


Amazon has changed the expectation of consumers, including us who work at Fist Bump Chef.  We do not want to be beholden to Amazon or any one particular big tech company.  This does add challenges to work through, and we have plans and systems in place for those developments.

We hope you can appreciate a small business trying to stay as independent as possible and working diligently to try to create the best experience for our customers across the globe.  Bare with us while we grow and develop these systems and processes:) 


Fist Bump Chef - Where every home cooked meal gets a

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